Finding your Fit: How to Choose the Right Ivy League for You

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The Ivy League is often viewed as a monolith. So, how do you choose the right Ivy League for you to apply to? by Cait Tysoe in collaboration with OpenAI // February 23, 2022 Facebook Instagram Linkedin Whatsapp If you’re interested in applying to an Ivy League school, you’re certainly in good company. These prestigious […]

So, you didn’t get in. What next?

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It’s a tough pill to swallow—you’ve worked hard all throughout high school, put in countless hours on your college applications and dreamed of the day you would receive that acceptance letter. But now, you’ve received the news you’ve been dreading—you didn’t get in. by Cait Tysoe in collaboration with OpenAI // February 6th, 2022 Facebook […]

Next Steps: Navigating Your University Admissions Offers

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It’s an exciting time when you receive a university offer! But, now the real work begins in making your final decision on where to attend. Here’s our guide to help you navigate university admissions offers: by David Tysoe in collaboration with OpenAI // February 1, 2023 Facebook Instagram Linkedin Whatsapp Schedule College Visits: Visiting the […]

Four Questions to Kick-Start Your College Planning

Not sure where to start your search for your perfect college? The following four questions are a fantastic way to begin your college planning. by Cait Tysoe // October 19, 2022  Facebook Instagram Linkedin Whatsapp 1) Do I know for certain what I’d like to study? HINT: It’s okay if the answer is no! You […]