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School Admissions Consulting

Whether you’re moving schools due to family relocation, or just taking the next natural step in your school progression, it is very important that you make the right decision for the student and their family.

We provide assistance to families and students applying for schools at any age and at any point during the school year, with a specific focus on the most common ages for entry.

The application process can be very complex and varies greatly from school to school. Many schools begin their application process two to three years in advance, so preparation is paramount.

Schools assess candidates in a number of different ways: some rely on early pre-tests to identify pupils’ academic potential, whilst others prefer to evaluate pupils’ actual knowledge and ability in the key subjects for their age, others still focus less on academic prowess but are more interested in a holistic approach to the student as an individual. Tests and interviews take place at different times throughout the academic year, depending on each school’s unique assessment procedure.

In order to help parents navigate this intricate process, Tutelage specialists will assess the child’s academic level and underlying ability, identify the most suitable schools, and create a comprehensive application strategy and preparation programme to enhance the pupil’s chances of gaining places at their chosen schools.

We always focus on the best interests and individual needs of our students by providing impartial and individualised advice. When it comes to choosing the right school, we focus on several general criteria :

  • Day vs Boarding
  • Location
  • School Reputation
  • Individual Fit


Alongside this, we also focus on student-specific criteria, such as any Extra-Curricular or Sporting Interests, their own individual preferences.

Tutelage is invested in the academic and personal development of all of its students, to that end a consultant will personally oversee the entire process, advising on all supplemental tuition, interview preparation, CV building and subject-specific training, alongside the personalised advice on school applications.