Next Steps: Navigating Your University Admissions Offers

It’s an exciting time when you receive a university offer! But, now the real work begins in making your final decision on where to attend. Here’s our guide to help you navigate university admissions offers:

by David Tysoe in collaboration with OpenAI // February 1, 2023

Schedule College Visits:

Visiting the university in person can give you a much better feel for the campus and student culture. Plan to attend an admitted students weekend, take a campus tour and speak with current students to gain insight into what life is like at the university.

Reflect On Your Options:

Now that you have an admissions offer, take time to reflect on your options and weigh the pros and cons of each school. Seek out advice from family, friends, and guidance counselors to help you make an informed decision.

Keep Deadlines in Mind:

It’s important to keep on top of all deadlines, whether it’s submitting housing applications, enrolling in orientation, or signing up for classes. Keep a calendar and make sure you are aware of all deadlines and requirements before making your final decision.

Wait for All Decisions:

It’s tempting to make a decision as soon as you receive an admissions offer, but make sure to wait until you have received all of your decisions before making a final choice. This will ensure you are comparing all options and making the best decision for yourself.

Celebrate Your Success:

No matter what your final decision is, you should be proud of your hard work and accomplishments that have led you to this point. Take time to celebrate and enjoy the moment before diving into the next steps of your journey.

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