Tutelage Education strives to provide the highest quality online education services to students from around the world.

We are driven by our values: safety transparency opportunity

We believe in ethical business, in transparency in our services and pricing, in prioritizing our students’ safety and in dynamic, relational tuition based in trust and mutual respect. We believe that the best education is only possible when provided by highly qualified, fairly paid professionals in a positive and safe learning environment where students can feel secure and engaged.


Safety is at the forefront of everything that we do. From stringent, recurring background checks of all our tutors, to utilizing a private tuition platform that allows parents and administrators to remotely and randomly check-in on lessons, our robust safeguarding policy is aimed at protecting our students as well as their parents and tutors. 

We want parents to be confident that their children will be under the best and most responsible care when they are with us. 

Most of all, we want our students to be able to learn and grow in a safe workspace where they will be completely comfortable. We never want them to fear getting an answer wrong; we want them to feel emotionally supported, free to explore new topics and able to make the mistakes that are necessary to learn and improve. 

Chide not [a student] hastily; for that shall both dull his wit and discourage his diligence; but admonish him gently, which shall make him both willing to amend and glad to go forward in love and hope of learning.



We want you to have every confidence that when they are with us, your children are in the best and safest learning environment possible. Here are a few of the ways we keep parents informed of their child’s progress in the classroom:

  • We send bi-weekly reports and offer check-ins with both our administration and the tutor to ensure parents always have a clear picture of how their children are progressing 
  • We e-mail PDF copies of the work from each lesson 
  • We enthusiastically welcome parents and guardians who want to sit in on lessons, either with their child or through a private virtual link


As an online company, there are a number of unavoidable, often invisible expenses involved in providing safe services. We are happy to provide a full breakdown of our hourly fees upon request.

Fair Treatment

Tutelage Education Group is an equal opportunity company that does not discriminate based on age, religion, gender, sex, sexuality, disability or national origin. 

When it comes to our tutors and consultants, the only way in which we discriminate is on the basis of professional capability. We hire those whom we deem to be experts in their field. We believe that educators who are paid fairly and treated with the respect due to professionals of their experience and skill are able to give more back to their students. We are committed to their well-being and to paying them not just a living wage, but a wage respectful of their expertise. 


Professional Development

We support a drive to learn not only in our students, but in our tutors. We are excited to offer funding for advanced teaching certifications, training programs and foreign language certifications on an application-by-application basis for all of our collaborators.


We are committed to giving back and sharing our skills whenever possible, which is why we are currently developing a scholarship program through which we plan to support driven low-income students with tutoring and counseling to help them achieve their loftiest goals. Stay tuned for more information coming in the following months.