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Guided Tutoring

Guided Tutoring is for clients who need academic help, but don’t need a full service private tutor. The key difference between guided tutoring and a normal tutoring session is that the client themselves provides the resources for the lesson.

This kind of tutoring is for people who want personalised support, but are able to provide the relevant resources themselves.
They could have bought their own workbooks and textbooks that they would like to follow; they could be looking for extra help with school projects or just homework; or they could be revising for exams and already have access to their own notes and resources provided by their school and just want a little extra help.

Feel free to select your preferred tutor, if you have no preference, select “Tutor to be assigned” and we will match you with the perfect tutor.

Click on the “Add Extra” button to book additional time and/or choose a specific subject.